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Leadership needed in these times

We are in unprecedented times. As the Coronavirus spreads so will worry & panic. As a leader, what our people need from us is the following:

CALM - An example of calmness - calm breads calm as it creates a sense of safety. Take time yourself to gain calm. Find a quiet space and practise calm breathing. Gain perspective and balance.

COMMUNICATION - keep people updated on the current situation, as much as possible in our rapidly changing world. Little updates, reassuring people that you understand they are worried but that this is our current plan.

CARE - listen to people, ask their worries, give reassurance. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. So don’t say, “it will all be ok” when it may not. Instead say, “it is tough but we will walk together in this. Look after them in moments like now and they will be faithful to you for ages.

COURAGE - these are tough times and there is no set road map. As a leader our calling here is to take a deep breath, seek wise counsel and plan the best way forward. Take tough decisions with people in mind and try to take people with you.

Leadership can feel lonely at times and so remember that you are not alone. Look out for your fellow leaders and keep in contact and offer peer support.

Contact us if you need support or coaching. 07905361694 We are here to help.

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