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Resource Bank

Our role is to inspire and equip you.

So, we have some resources to help you plan and manage time. We hope that they empower you. 

Weekly Plan

Plan out your activities for the week to avoid feeling swamped.

PDF version

Word version

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 10.34.44.png

Problem-Solving Process

This grid helps you get a complete picture of the situation and how to find creative ways to solve the problem.

PDF version 

Word Version

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 17.24.45.png
Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 13.17.10.png

Leadership Skills Wheel

To review your skills, click this link or the picture above to open a PDF of the wheel to print and use. Based on the Book Everyday People, Everyday Leaders

Download the Knoster Chart to consider your change.

PDF version

5D review jpeg.png

5D Team RAG Review

Click the links below to download the 5D Team RAG review.

PDF version

Word Version

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 14.06.15.png

5 Dysfunctions Review

Click the links below to download Patrick Lencioni's 5 Dysfunction questionnaire to help you evaluate your team.

Word version

Excel Version

Excel Team summary Version

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