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Limitless Coaching for Education

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How has the pandemic affected you, your leadership & your school? There have been and continue to be so many challenges for school leaders. Have you got the leadership skills for a post-pandemic world? Have you got the energy to lead you and your team through the next stage? Who have you got to help you shape your leadership to help you lead your way through this?


The pandemic has left many schools with a mountain to climb and the only way through this is to have leaders with a clear vision and energised people to deliver it. But how do you shape that effectively? How do you manage yourself and your energy through it?

What if you could have someone to help you clarify your thinking to find your best way forward? 

Our Solution

So, we have an idea. A simple solution. Limitless


  • What if you could have limitless one-to-one coaching for a leader, working with an experienced coach for a year? 

  • What if this coach could help you clarify and work to your strengths? 

  • What if all of this could be for one simply monthly cost? 

Limitless Gold

We also offer a Limitless Gold package which includes working with your team and survey work that you may also want to talk to us about.

To learn more about our coaches, take a look at our coaching page.

Our Simple Cost

What if we told you, that our Limitless one to one education package could be yours for just £225 a month, when you commission us to support you for a full year?


The great thing about our offer is that it is as much one to one support as you need. 

What's Next?

Let’s start a conversation! We would love to arrange a chat about what your needs are and we can then chat about how this Limitless programme will support you and we can chat about the details. 


If you'd like to discuss Limitless further or arrange a no obligation chat about it with Colin, contact Alice at or by calling 01449 710438. 

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