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We offer online coaching through Zoom or Skype, so not even this nasty virus can stop you getting the support that you need.

Contact us on or 07905 361694 to arrange a session.


As leaders of ourselves, we write a new chapter of our story each day. Sometimes though we are unsure of what to write and a coach can help you rediscover the direction you want to take your story. Everyday Leader believes that the answer for something you want to solve can often be found within you. However, sometimes there is often so much going on in our heads that we need a coach to help tease it out and plan the direction of travel.
Our Sessions

We know that you need to connect with a coach and learn to trust them.


So we offer an initial meeting (1 hour), free of charge, to see if you feel comfortable.

Our first session will use Strengthsfinder survey to help you discover the key strengths you have. We look at the life wheel to examine balance in life that you have and want to generate.

Each following session is driven by your agenda. We recommend 2 hour sessions.


Our Structure

Every session is unique to you. We will start by asking the question, 'how can I help you today?' As you talk through the issue we will ask you questions to help you exploreWe use the OSCAR structure to our coaching. It helps you examine the key issue and possible solutions.


  • what to develop or improve?
  • what is the current situation, both good and bad elements?
  • what choices do you have?
  • what's the consequence of each one?
  • what actions could you take?
  • what will success look like?
  • what things might sabotage success?
Our Feedback
"Being coached by Colin has been the most useful leadership training I’ve ever had and guess will have. He has coached and enabled my leadership strengths meaning I can be an integral & authentic leader, more importantly be myself." - Heather
"An enlightening experience that was daunting to start with. It has allowed me to evaluate myself at this poignant moment in my life." - Melanie
Our Approach

We believe that coaching works best in a style that works for you. So, for some clients we use visual or concrete items to help visualise how things could work. We can help by modelling strategic approaches with you to find different solutions. If you find yourself stuck, or in need of some inspiration, we will also offer you some relevant thinking or diagrams on the topic to help develop your next steps. 

Our Feedback
"I felt pretty low at the beginning of my last session and doubted that would change, but Colin’s expert coaching gave me a very real sense of ‘I can do this … I do have what it takes, and it’s all for the right reasons.’  I surprised myself and felt so much more on top of the issue that was weighing me down." - Martine
"Colin's approach has been fantastic. Patiently listened and tailored a solution to my own personality."  - Danny
What we can help with

We can help you with a range of things. Here are some examples, although not an exhaustive list. 

  • Working out next steps for the organisation

  • Confidence in a new role

  • Discovering personal values & purpose

  • Solving a problem

  • Difficult staff relationships

  • Confronting an issue with someone

  • Managing colleagues

  • Working with a board or governing body

  • Work life balance

  • Decision making

  • Managing emotions as a leader

Do get in touch with us. We would love to help you.

Your next step . . 
Imagine how we could help you. Leadership can be a lonely business and so having someone dedicated to help you consider tricky issues and provide you with the thinking time to find your solution to things is worth its weight in gold. 
As a guide, coaching is £180 + travel for a 2 hour session. 
Costs for coaching can vary, depending on length of time and venue and so please contact us for details. Grants may be available so do get in touch. 
Colin Tapscott - Director
Colin is one of the Directors of Everyday Leader. He has a wide range of leadership experience including 18 years as a headteacher and 12 years as director of a charity. Colin's expertise is on how to develop people and with ten of Colin's former staff now leading as headteachers, he has a proven record. Using coaching techniques, Colin will empower you to rediscover your authority as a leader and to develop a multi-solution approach to solve the issues you face. 
Personal testimony of Colin's work: "Colin has an excellent way of capturing the essence of what issues leaders face & empowering us to find a path through them with kindness and resilience."
Click here for his Full Bio
If you would like to book one of our coaches to run training for you then please contact us on or 07905 361694

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