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As leaders of ourselves, we write a new chapter of our story each day. Sometimes though, we are unsure of what to write and a coach can help you rediscover the direction you want to take your story. Everyday Leader believes that the answer to every problem you want to solve can be found within you. However, there is often so much going on in our heads that we need a coach to help tease it out and plan the direction of travel... That's where we come in!

Our Approach

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We believe that coaching works best in a style that suits you. So, for some clients we use tangible items to help visualise how things could work. We can help by modelling strategic approaches with you to find different solutions.


If you find yourself stuck, or in need of some inspiration, we also offer relevant thinking or diagrams to help develop your next steps. 

Our Sessions

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We know that you need to connect with a coach and learn to trust them. So, we offer an initial one-hour meeting, free of charge, to see if you feel comfortable with us.

We like to tailor the coaching to suit you and the agenda is driven by you.


We have some great tools to help you and we have some recommendations of exploring your purpose, values and strengths at the start. 

We offer online and face-to-face coaching so neither distance nor global pandemics can stand in the way of you getting the coaching you need.

Our Feedback


Following all coaching and training sessions, we are diligent in collecting feedback from our clients to ensure that we are constantly improving while keeping them and their growth at the centre of all we do. This also allows both us and our clients to reflect on the results of coaching.


The comments we receive from our clients tell all!

Our Bursaries

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We have a limited number of free or reduced coaching sessions for those working in the charity or education sectors, or those currently unemployed.

Our Structure

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Every session is unique to you. We will start by asking the question, 'how can I help you today?'


As you talk through the issue we will ask you questions to help you explore it further. In a really natural way we will take you through a solution-focused process to help you gain a full picture and ask you questions to help you discover a way forward. 

What We Can Help With

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We can help you with a range of things, including but not limited to:

  • Working out next steps for the organisation

  • Confidence in a new role

  • Discovering personal values & purpose

  • Solving a problem

  • Difficult staff relationships

  • Working with a board or governing body

  • Work life balance

  • Decision making

  • Managing emotions as a leader


If you think any of these services could be useful to you, do get in touch with us. We would love to help!

Our Costs


We know budgets are tight, so we price our coaching to help. Our coaching is £100 an hour or £180 for a two-hour session. Booking 5 x 2-hour sessions in advance has the reduced price of £165 a session. Booking 5 x 1-hour sessions in advance has the reduced price of £90 a session. If these costs are prohibitive, please have a conversation with us. We are here to help.

Your Next Step

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Imagine how we could help you. Leadership can be a lonely business, and having someone dedicated to supporting you in navigating tricky issues and providing you with the thinking time to find your solution to things is worth its weight in gold. 
Costs for coaching can vary, depending on length of time and venue, so please contact us for details. Grants may also be available so do get in touch.

Learn more about our coaches and get in touch!

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