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Innovation - End Goal in Mind

The blank piece of paper stared back at him. It was almost mocking him. The empty white space teasing him like a playground bully, ‘your brains just like this piece of paper . . empty!’ He needed to innovate. The company was struggling at this time and he needed to find a new way forward. He needed to adapt. He needed a freshness that would connect with his customer.

Have you ever faced that blank piece of paper? However hard you stare at it, it offers you no help. It just mocks you. The reason it offers not help is that the answer is not found in the blankness of the paper. It has to come before the piece of paper.

In my youth, I loved a bit of sport. Rugby in the winter and athletics in the summer. Each day I would go out to the training pitch. In the depths of winter with mud and cold stinging, a question would arise, ‘why?’. The answer was always to gain success in competition. To win the game, to win the race. And that same question is the answer to innovating.

You need to have the end goal in mind.

Whatever you are setting out to achieve, you need to know what your purpose is.

There are 5 steps to innovation

  • Purpose

  • Problem

  • Pinpoint

  • Possibilities

  • Prioritise

What is your PURPOSE as an organisation? What PROBLEM are you facing that you need to get around? PINPOINT what the group you serve needs. Consider the POSSIBILITIES and the PRIORITISE the one that will work the best.

The foundation to all innovation though has to be the purpose that you and your organisation stands for.

For many reading this now, your situation has changed due to Coronavirus. Your purpose though remains the same. Your ‘why’ is still there. It is perhaps just the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ that has changed. So before you can think about innovating your ‘what’ and ‘how’, confirm with yourself, what is my ‘why’? What is the end game that I have in mind? If you don't have one, then think about the following questions.

  • What are your core values?

  • Who do you serve?

  • What difference are we trying to make?

Everyday Leader’s purpose is to inspire and equip everyday people to see themselves as leaders. We do this through face to face coaching and training. The barrier in Coronavirus is social distancing and lockdown. So we are innovating. Online training. Zoom coaching. Videos & blogs. Ebooks. This summer we are also releasing our book. Our end game is still the same - inspire and equip.

If you would like help discovering your ‘end game’, your purpose, your ‘why’, then do contact us and we will help you discover it, so that you can innovate with the end game in mind.

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