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Everyday Leader is working with Emerging Leaders to roll out LEAD NOW for Leadership for Children. This emerging Leaders programme teachers children how they have amazing potential and that they have the power to grow this potential when they lead their life. It teachers them how to pick up their pen and write their life story and consequently lead others around them.

Click this link to see the Emerging Leaders Lead Now page. LEAD NOW
Click this link to read a little about the UK pilot of this project. UK Pilot

Train the Teacher

Everyday Leader runs a 'train the teacher' course in the UK for Emerging Leaders. This training enables your school or organisation to run the course with the children.

This training involves:


Training the adults in the Leadership for Life material

  • Session 1 - Leadership for Life - 3 hours


Training the adults in the LEAD NOW material for children

  • Session 2 - LEAD NOW - 3 hours

  • Session 3 - LEAD NOW - 3 hours

  • Session 4 - LEAD NOW - 3 hours

The cost of this training is £250 per adult trained which is for all 4 training sessions and includes handbook and pen drive with resources. This must run in a minimum group of 10 people from a school or group of schools.

If you are interested in hearing more about this or booking LEAD NOW training then please email or phone him on 07905 361694. 

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