VIBE - A - Values & Practice
Values & Practice is the first of 3 sections in VIBE. VIBE is made up of 3 units.
1. Live & Deliver Values; 2. Walk the Talk; 3. First Impressions & Body Language  
This session is Session 1 - Live & Deliver Values. 
  • What are the values?

  • What do these look like in behaviour?

  • What is the impact of living them?

Unit Video

In this video, Colin explains the unit. Watch it before starting the unit below.

Part A - Brand Promise

Brand promise. Read the article to discover what Brand promise is.


Read the home page of the Mosaic website What is the brand promise?


Complete this on the linked sheet (Click this link to view and print).

Part B - Company Values

Watch this video or  Click this link


What does this tell us about the hotel?

What are their values?

What behaviour told the values?

Click the link, view & print the sheet to complete the questions


Watch this video 


What are the core values in the video?

Click the link, view & print the sheet to complete this. 

Highlight the values that are Mosaic's from the video.

Part C - Values & Behaviour

Watch this video from Love Actually when Rowan Atkinson serves the customer. 


If this were Mosaic, what values were being shown?

What has he not quite got right?

What was the impact on the customer?

Complete the values & behaviour grid.  

Answer the questions above and consider the values, behaviour and impact he had. 

Part D - Impact on the customer

Watch this Mosaic video from a customer's perspective.


What was the impact on a customer?

What values did he recognise?

What helped him to feel this value?

Take each Mosaic Value listed

  • listen customer;

  • member wellbeing a priority;

  • friendly and approachable.


Describe a time you have done this for an external customer. Describe how you have done this for an internal customer/staff member. Click the link to view & print the sheet and complete it.


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