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Power of Purpose - Wholeness

“We just clicked.” It’s probably a phrase that you hear more when someone describes a relationship with someone. The phrase indicates two pieces clicking together in synchronicity, like two puzzle pieces made for each other. People can equally talk about a work place that they felt at home, where beliefs, values and friendships were all aligned. There is a sense of peace and wholeness when in that situation. The same can also be said of when we find a sense of purpose as a leader and as a person. There is a sense that we click, where we are in the ‘flow’ and despite the hard work we may be putting in, it has a sense of being effortless as it is something that we love and find meaning in.

Over the last four weeks, we have examined the ‘Power of Purpose’ and how it has the power to DRAW us forward as an individual or as an organisation.





We have seen how discovering a sense of purpose gives direction that acts as a compass for us to plan forward. It develops resilience in us as we know the importance of why we are doing something and so it keeps us going. Because we are in tune with our purpose it generates values and behaviour in us that give us authenticity. The culmination of all of this is that we can feel a sense of wholeness.


Mark Twain famously said, “The most two important days in your life are the day you're born and the day you find out why.” Finding meaning or a purpose to your life, a sense that you contribute something, is innate in all of us. It is an essential part of wellbeing and people can become depressed when they feel a sense of ‘what is the point’. When life feels like a treadmill, just going over and over with no real direction, life becomes meaningless. So, when you find a purpose, something that your skills and direction ‘click’ with, then there is a sense of gratitude within us. Seth Godin, in his book ‘Tribes’ talks about how tribes form around a central manifesto or belief. He said that ‘leaders paint a picture of the future, go there and people will follow.’ When we lead others and draw them into a sense of purpose there is a gratitude within them as they find their ‘tribe’ and therefore there is a sense of belonging.


Have you ever been working on something, look up and time had flown. You have got so lost in the work, so engrossed, that it has consumed your thoughts, you and time itself. There is a sense that you are in flow. The current is such that it feels relatively effortless because you are at one with your work. Or maybe you have been in conversation with someone, where you are talking on the same wavelength, discovering new thoughts and ideas with one another, that you look up and an hour has passed. Both of these events you are in ‘flow’. The purpose and direction of you and the work or you and the conversation are one. Discovering a purpose as a leader that fits your passion, values and skills brings you a sense of flow. Despite the hard work, it seems worth it and therefore in flow.

Our work at Everyday Leader is to inspire and equip people. When I coach people, run training, host a ‘Leadership Lounge’ podcast or write a blog, it is in flow with what I want for people. I believe that people are important, that they are capable of great things and I have an ‘unconditional positive regard’ that they can achieve. My job is to inspire them to see that and equip them with ideas, knowledge and skills to enable them. There is no better feeling when someone I have coached then goes on to achieve. As a guide, the thrill, the sense of wholeness, comes when the hero of their own story goes on to achieve their quest. As a leader, there is no better sense of wholeness, when those that we lead towards a goal, see the joy in those that we lead when they achieve it. When they see how their piece in the jigsaw puzzle has ‘clicked’ and contributed.

Next Steps

As this series on purpose ends, if you have not done so already, take time to re-discover your purpose. Ask yourself

  • What things do I love?

  • What is the core purpose of those things?

  • Why do I do it? Why? Why? Why? Until you get to the kernel or essence.

  • Do things that fit that purpose. Use it as a compass to guide what you do. Use it as a filter to say yes and no to opportunities that come along.

When you do this. Your leadership will become more purposeful, more ‘whole’ and therefore more effective.

If we can help you, do contact us via the website or . I also recommend tuning in to the Leadership Lounge Podcast for this month on most podcast providers. My guests Chloe and Jo share some great insight on how you can develop purpose. It’s free!

As you start 2021, it will have challenges, and knowing purpose can really help with that. So, if we can be of help, do contact me directly at if you are finding it particularly challenging and would like some coaching to help you. If you would like to move from survive to thrive then please contact me.


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