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Power of Purpose - Authenticity

He looked up from the map. Rocky out crops to the distance ahead. River winding its way downhill to his right. He didn’t want to admit it to his colleagues, but he was lost. Well, sort of lost. He had a map and he thought he knew where he was. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his compass. Flicked the cover and held it to find north. Aligning his map, he used his compass reference of true north, the mountains and the river. Bingo. He knew where he was now.

Businesses, education and charities across the land, have found that the landscape has changed. Things that were the norm, patterns of business and work, have now changed and it can lead to a sense of feeling lost. At this point, it is crucial to get out your compass. Not the physical one stuck at the back of your cupboard from days in the scouts or guides, but the metaphorical compass of purpose. Your purpose is the reason why you are doing things. Some of the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ may have changed due to coronavirus restrictions but your ‘why’, your purpose, remains the same. Your purpose can be drilled down to a few words. Everyday Leaders is to ‘Inspire & equip’. So, in the first lockdown when businesses shut down and coaching and training stopped, we pivoted on that purpose and released a book, launched podcasts and adapted to online. But the purpose can give direction beyond the ‘what’ we do. It also gives direction in the ‘how’ we do it.

This month’s blogs examine the ‘Power of Purpose’ and how it has the power to DRAW us forward as an individual or as an organisation.





We have seen how it gives direction and resilience and this week we see how it can develop values and enable us to be authentic.


One of the heroic groups at this time is the NHS. Their purpose is to save lives. We see on the news a daily reminder of doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare assistants working under strenuous conditions because they know that purpose and passionately believe in it. What you also see is ‘how’ they do it. Their ‘how’ is to do so with care, compassion, dignity and professionalism. Those values are driven by that purpose. Those values are aligned with the purpose and themselves, enabling them to live their day to day lives with authenticity and alignment. Each organisation that we lead, can establish values aligned to the purpose. When we lead and work aligned to those values we live authentically.

Integrity & Trust

When we follow our purpose and do so authentically with values that are in synchronicity with it, we develop our integrity. People know us for those values and we are known for consistently demonstrating them. Why did we clap on doorsteps in the first lockdown? Because we knew that day in day out the NHS staff were showing those values consistently. They are seen of people of integrity and we trust them.

Next Steps

So, what does this mean for you? Have you considered the purpose of your leadership and organisation? Have you affirmed the values that the purpose is to be demonstrated by? I find the organisations I work with to help develop that have not only resilience but authentic communities that attract people and customers. If we can help you, do contact us via the website or . I also recommend tuning in to the Leadership Lounge Podcast for this month (out last week) on most podcast providers. My guests Chloe and Jo share some great insight on how you can develop purpose. It’s free!

As you start 2021, it will have challenges, and knowing purpose can really help with that. So, if we can be of help, do contact me directly at if you are finding it particularly challenging and would like some coaching to help you. If you would like to move from survive to thrive then please contact me.


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