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Bringing your vision into focus

In April 2017, I took a bold step and established Everyday Leader to Inspire, Develop & Equip everyday people in leadership skills. 2 1/2 years later I'm loving what I do as I train and coach people in leadership and I'm looking forward to releasing my book and videos in February.

Discovering who you are, what you are good at and having a vision for what you want to do can be exciting but stepping out to make that vision a reality can also be scary.

But don't have 2020 vision on your dreams and hopes. As you approach the end of the year consider how you could make a dream, a vision, become a reality.

Here a couple of top tips for doing that:

  • Consider what you are good at and love doing

  • Consider what experiences you have had and what has become a passion of yours

  • Talk to friends and family about what it is you would love to do. Do you become more animated about it when you talk about it?

  • Meet with a coach to help sharpen and bring into focus your dream.

  • Consider why it is so important that you do it. Who will be affected if not you and if not now?

  • Consider the barriers and obstacles

  • Sketch out some plans and ideas

  • Talk to friends about your idea and ask them for feedback

  • Meet with a coach again to help you consider the steps

Prince EA, explains this so well in this video and encourages you to take off the blindfold and bring your dream into reality. Take a look at the video, consider your vision and dream and let us know if we can help you bring it into focus.


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