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Find your Top Trump

You opponent opposite you, turns to his next card. He scans the categories: Top Speed, Power, Cylinders. Which one will he choose to play his card on? You fight back the smile that is bursting within you as you look at your card. You know his fight will be pointless as you have the Top Trump. The card that will defeat virtually anything that can be thrown at it. When you have it, you know that you will be undefeatable. You know the card, you know where its strengths are and you know how to play it.

Whether, like me you are a child of the late sixties or far younger, many of us know the joy of playing Trumps and seeing what they can trump each other with.

Life and business is a little like a game of Top Trumps. Life and business will throw things at you and how you respond to it, will depend on the cards you have in your hand. As a leadership and business coach, I have noticed that one crucial thing is to know what your core purpose is. This, like the Top Trump can give you confidence in responding to the challenge ahead of you.

So, how do you form your Top Trump? What are the categories? For me it comes down to

Belief What do you believe about the world and people?

Passion What do you have a heart and passion for?

Purpose What is your purpose? What are you skilled at and can contribute?

Values What are your core values? What 2 or 3 are part of your DNA?

Behaviour What does your behaviour look like when you model those core values? How should people be treated as a result of your purpose and values?

Once you have answered these questions then whatever someone might through at you, you can respond and respond with confidence.

So for me,


The world can be a bit of a dark place at times. I am here to shine some light and the more of us that do that the better & brighter our world could be. I believe people are created equal in the eyes of God and have amazing potential. I am here to achieve mine and help others to do the same.


I have a passion for inspiring and equipping people to be the best they can be.


My purpose is to inspire and equip people. I can do this through my leadership training, coaching or writing. I can do that through everyday conversations too.


Authenticity and Integrity. I like to be real, honest and genuine with people. Doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking is important to me.


Authenticity means being genuine with others, not pretending to be bigger or better than you are. It means behaving with respect towards others, not lauding your ability over others. It means admitting what you do and don’t know. Integrity means Doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking. Authentic Integrity means calling out poor, dishonest practice in a way to help someone improve.

When you know what drives you, your purpose, it allows you to respond to any card laid before you.

  • Shall I take this new job or opportunity? How does it fit my belief, passion and purpose?

  • Shall I join in this gossip? Does it fit with my core values?

  • Shall I take this company in this direction? Does it fit your purpose and values?

Many leaders that I work with do not enjoy having to confront people about an issue that needs improving. What I have found helps people do this successfully and in a way that lifts the person up, is getting clear on their core purpose and reason why. Knowing their top trump. For example, if you have a colleague that is not managing customers well, then once you know that your purpose is to ensure customers get the best service then this gives you the driver to hold the conversation. If I don’t have this conversation this will not be good for the customer. Whether the person responds with anger or tears, you are ready with your Top Trump of ‘for the best for the customer’.

What about you? Are you clear on what are you core beliefs, your passion, purpose, values and behaviour?

Spend 10 minutes thinking about the Top Trump categories today. It will help you respond to any situation that is thrown at you.

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