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Helping staff to be 'the hand of the King'

In Port Stewart In N. Ireland is a coffee shop, 'The 3 Kings'. Above their coffee machine is the reminder to employees, "Be Awesome; You're a hand of the King."

In a coffee shop it's the coffee, cake, staff & ambience that reflect on the company reputation. If any one of those is not of a high standard, it affects the success.

Whatever you do, whether it is a company, a school, a charity, a voluntary group or something faith based, it is about

a) a quality product,

b) a place that people feel comfortable

c) the way that you serve.

People often make sure they have a quality product and a place that reflects the brand. But many forget to invest in staff in being clear on what 'the hand of the king' looks like. How well an employee serves your customer reflects on you. I'm pleased to say that the experience of the '3 Kings' coffee shop was good on all 3 areas.

But what about you? Are your expectations clear & mirrored?

There are several simple steps to take.

1) Be clear yourself on what you want from your product, your staff and the setting

2) Model it to your staff. Don't expect them to guess. 'Miranda moment' it regularly. In other words, like the TV show Miranda, turn to explain your thinking to those watching.

3) Tell them, little and often. Like a bath with a leaky plug, telling them at the start can drip away after a while. So praise when you see it, remind when you don't. Do it little, do it often and do it to lift people up to high standards, not to put people down.

4) Celebrate it. When you see it, celebrate it. This creates Meerkat moments when people lift up their heads to see who is being praised for it and they then copy it to get the same praise. When a customer writes in or tweets or says thank you. Share it, put it up on view. This encourages others to say thank you and reminds everyone of the good quality.

Everyday Leader, has it's mission to help inspire, develop and equip everyday people to become amazing leaders in what they do. That means helping the everyday person do their role to the best of their ability. That means helping the leader lead them confidently and clearly. Our training centres on the concept, 'Be clear and get others clear'. Can we help you develop clarity for your team and ensure that the quality of the service that you organisation delivers represent 'the hand of the King'?

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