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Colin Tapscott - Director
Colin is one of the Directors of Everyday Leader. He has a wide range of leadership experience including 18 years as a headteacher and 15 years as director of a charity. Colin's expertise is on how to develop people and with ten of Colin's former staff now leading as headteachers, he has a proven record. Developing effective communication, using coaching techniques to empower people and free you up as a leader and developing authority as a leader are other areas Colin can empower you. 
Personal testimony of Colin's work: "Colin has an excellent way of capturing the essence of what issues leaders face & empowering us to find a path through them with kindness and resilience."
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Alice Mutimer 
Office Manager & Director's PA
Alice has been working as a writer, editor and social media manager for a communications company since her university graduation in 2020. She is excited to join the Everyday Leader team in January 2022, and will be happy to help you book in training or coaching, and to support you in any queries you have. Contact her at from 1st January 2022 or phone 01449 710438
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Vik Banks
Associate Coach

Vik has worked in the charity and social enterprise sector as a founder, business owner, manager, director and trustee. Vik knows from experience that leaders need time to reflect, acknowledge their own uncertainties and develop workable strategies for change and growth in their organisations. As a coach, Vik provides a safe space for leaders to do this transformative thinking.

Personal testimony of Vik's work: "Vik’s coaching has helped me identify what I wanted to achieve. It has helped me un-muddle my brain after a few stressful years."
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Rachel Ingham
Associate Coach

Rachel’s career has been split between the three fields; business, psychology and education. This combination enables her to support healthy progression and personal development.  Rachel is passionate about helping and supporting others. Through coaching she facilitates development, wellbeing and performance by raising awareness, identifying goals and exploring choices. 

Personal testimony of Rachel's work: "Rachel is a fantastic coach. Her caring, passionate and honest approach helps you to look at your current challenge and cut through all of the noise to the heart of the issue."
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Sarah Gillett
Associate Coach
Sarah became an Executive Coach after a diplomatic career when she led diverse teams in a number of countries, delivering the UK's foreign policy objectives.  She thrives on supporting others to realise their potential, and find their way in a world full of challenge, complexity, change and opportunity.    
Sarah grew up in Dorset, and studied international relations and politics at Aberdeen University.  She extended her interest in management and leadership at McGill University in Montreal, and on the Top Management Programme at the UK’s National School of Government.  She trained as a coach with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama’s Coaching and Mentoring programme.  She is an arts lover, and Tate volunteer. 
Personal testimony of Sarah's work: "I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She was an astute and generous listener, helping me see things from an objective point of view.  There were times in the sessions that were challenging and she was not phased by this and, while being empathetic and sensitive, was resolute in moving through to a point of learning or revelation. "
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Simon Phillips
Associate Coach
Simon Phillips has had many years of successful primary education leadership experience, including ten years as a Headteacher and two different roles as Deputy Head.
Fourteen years as a foster carer and adoptive parent has also provided Simon with a huge amount of transferrable skills and expertise. He continues to work in education as a special educational needs coordinator, supporting more complex and vulnerable children.
Simon has experience in helping people through difficult times and managing change, especially when it has been enforced on you. He will support with an approachability and integrity to help empower your resourcefulness and enable you to start making the changes that you are looking for. 
Personal testimony of Simon's work:
I never allow myself time to reflect on how I am feeling. Having given myself permission to reflect I realised, due to Simon's questions, how frustrated the last sixteen months has made me. I found Simon very easy to express how I was feeling to, his gentle probing and succinct questioning allowed me to dig deeper than I thought I needed to.”
If you would like to book one of our coaches for you then please contact us on or 01449 710438
Kirstie Land - Associate Educational Adviser & Trainer
Kirstie's expertise is in the area of leading staff in behaviour management of children. Previously a Deputy Head in a pupil referral unit for 5 years, she now runs THRIVE, an exciting partnership between schools and youth provision to support children who struggle with mainstream school. If your school would like to develop its support of children who struggle with behaviour and would like advisory support or training in this area then Kirstie will give you and your staff the confidence to thrive.
Personal testimony of Kirstie's work: "Kirstie has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with compassion and understanding. Supporting children with high needs can be so daunting but Kirstie's session has given clarity on the ways to support children."
Lauren Meadows - Associate Educational Adviser & Trainer
Conference speaker and former Deputy Headteacher, Lauren has a rich knowledge of pedagogy, assessment and curriculum leadership.  She helps national bodies develop policy and trains across the country on assessment and English. If you are looking to develop leadership of assessment, middle leaders or your curriculum, then Lauren will empower you.
Personal testimony of Lauren's work: "Lauren's training is exceptional. Her clarity around the curriculum, assessment and learning is second to none. I now have clarity and confidence to tackle what seemed impossible before her training."
If you would like to book one of our trainers for you then please contact us on or 01449 710438