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Everyday Leader moves away from the didactic, chalk-and-talk model of training. We believe that the best form of learning is experiential – our experience and observation of both what’s around us and within us. Our training programmes are designed to better understand how you can develop and adopt leadership qualities and apply them in the different environments you find yourselves.


We believe that leadership training is about more than just thinking and behaving differently; we believe that through internal awareness, recognition and adoption of leadership characteristics, positive change can be realised. Our six-step methodology and process supports this ambition, designed to guide you through the stages and keep the ambitions on track:

Step 1: Analyse the current position

Step 2: Reflect back key issues

Step 3: Coach and develop

Step 4: Multi-solution approaches

Step 5: Proactivity

Step 6: Regular review 


Everyday Leader provides tailored training whether you work in the business sector, education sector or the charitable sector. Select one of the following sectors to view the available training or call us to arrange a chat and discuss your bespoke training needs.

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