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We believe that your team works well when they learn how to work together, appreciate each other's perspective and learn to have fun together. So our team building is designed to do that. We have a series of fun, hands on activities, that anyone can take part in. No-one gets muddy or embarrassed. Just good fun together. We build our activities around supporting the 5 core functions that make a team work:

1) Trust; 2) Handle conflict; 3) Commitment to each other; 4) Accountability; 5) Attention to results.

We can also design activities around a range of themes such as 

  • Communication

  • Black Box Thinking and performance review

  • Problem Solving

  • Change

Whatever are your team needs, we can design your experience around this. 


We can run these at your venue, if it is suitable or arrange a venue for you at cost.


We can arrange catering for the day if required. 

To discuss or book team development days, please contact Colin on 07905 361694 or email

Bespoke Team Building

If you would like a bespoke team building day that addresses the issues your team most needs, please email Colin at  or phone 01449 710438 or 07905 361694 to discuss your preferences.

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