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Know your fit - Fit for Purpose

We probably all had one as a child . . the shape sorter. The sorter pot had a range of shaped holes, star, triangle, square, all of them ready to receive the right shaped object. When the child first starts the shape spends more time in their mouth than in the shape sorter, but they soon discover that the idea is to put the shape in the hole. The initial approach is to slam the shape hard against any hole. Before long a frustrated grown up joins in and models which shape for which hole. Before long the child learns to put the right shape in the right hole. They learn the right fit. This month we explore the topic of the right fit.

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This week we start with the foundation issue of us being ‘fit for purpose’ and us operating in an arena that suits the purpose that we are passionate about.

Right tool for the job

I have a tool box in my car that has a range of most needed tools, all of them have a set place in a moulded case. Each tool has a place in the case and each tool has a job it is useful for. We all know that taking out a hammer to get a nut off a bolt is not the best tool for the job and hitting a nail with the end of a screwdriver is not the best tool either. Using a tool fit for purpose means it works more efficiently.

As a coach, I often come across people who are spending more of their time doing things that they are not passionate about. They are unhappy, but they are not really sure why. What sets them alight is discovering their passionate purpose. So how can you do that?

Passionate Purpose

The Japanese have a principle called Ikagai. which is when people discover their ongoing purpose and seek to live it out and use it in everyday situations. When we know the reason ‘why’ for us, it acts like a self-charging hybrid car and to quote Francis of Assisi, when we give, we receive. So, how do you find this?

In my coaching, I ask people to consider when you have a fantastic day at work, what is it that you are doing? Then keep asking yourself what is it about that is important? Each time you ask yourself that, you are trying to refine down the core essence.

Fit for Purpose

I know my purpose. It is to ‘empower’ people. So, when I am coaching or training or supporting someone to see a way forward, I am empowering them. I get energy from seeing them empowered to move forward. I have to be honest, when I am doing bank reconciliations for my business or liaising with an accountant (as lovely as they are), it does not give me the same energy back as it is not empowering others.

When you are looking at what you do at work, how much of it is spent on your passionate purpose? In work we do sometimes have to do things we don’t love or enjoy. But they should not be the bulk of what we do. If we want joy from what we do, it needs to be in things that align and fit with our passionate purpose. We need to ‘fit for purpose’.

Next steps

Like the learning toddler, we need to firstly understand the shape and secondly find the right slot to fit into. Sometimes that means finding a whole new role or job, but often it can mean looking for the opportunities to spend more time on the right things for us. That may mean a conversation with a line manager as to what you want to spend more time on as you will be more productive. If we do look for a new challenge it is about looking at new roles through the lens of our purpose. How much alignment is there?

If you would like help discovering your purpose and understanding where you are ‘fit for purpose’, do contact us at Everyday Leader. We can empower you to feel more fit for purpose. Give us a call on 01449 710438 or email if you would like us to help you explore this and empower you.


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