Our Online Training

We love meeting with people face to face, but for those moments when that is just not possible we offer training using Zoom conferencing. We work with groups up to 10 people.


Prior to the training, participants will be sent a participant workbook for activities and a link which they click to join the training. On the training they will be able to see the trainer, documents/slides and other participants. It will be just like taking part in training as ideas can be exchanged. There will still be the high quality thinking and regular points of reflection and application to help the participants see how they can apply it to their context to improve performance, like you would get on our face to face training sessions. 


Training Topics

We can develop bespoke training for you on any area of leadership and communication, curriculum leadership or behaviour management. Feel free to look at the range of training we can offer online and then talk to us about how you would like us to develop your training.

Young Teacher
Lead Yourself
  • Developing Leadership Mindsets

  • Authority as a Leader

  • Staying Sane when Poeple Complain

Our Feedback

Truly inspirational. I feel empowered and in control of my own destiny for the first time in a long time. – Caroline

Woman Working on Laptop
Lead the Office
  • Staying Sane when People Complain

Our Feedback

So great to reflect on real situations both on how I dealt with them and how I could adapt my dealing effectively with them. - Liz


Business Partners at Work
Colleagues Working Together
Lead Your Team
  • 5D Leadership of a Team

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  • Managing People

  • Coaching for Improvement

Our Feedback

A really enjoyable, informative course. Definitely worthwhile, whatever level of leadership you are at. - Angie

Lead a Coaching Culture
  • Creating a Coaching Culture

  • Coaching for Improvement

Touchscreen Computer
Lead Strategy
  • Effective Monitoring

  • Problem Solving Strategies

  • 5 Stages of Planning

  • Leading Change

Our Feedback

Over the morning, I’ve seen the light come on for people. Through Colin’s input we have a shared sense of purpose and feel like a team! – Anna

People During Workshop
Lead Culture
  • Create a Leadership Culture

  • Customer Focused Sales

Our Feedback

A great introduction to the project – inspiring – looking forward to do more training.  - Nicky

Leading in Conflict
  • Managing Conflict

  • Handling Complaints Well

Lead Curriculum

We run a 4 unit series on the curriculum leader's role covering

  • Vision & Clarity on your role

  • Black Box Problem Solving

  • Planning Next Steps

  • Communicating for Change
Our Feedback

Really good for changing how you think about the curriculum and its purpose. - Anna

Children in School
Lead Learning

Working with our partners we can help you with

  • Curriculum Clarity 

  • Teacher Assessment Framework

  • Overcoming Barriers

  • Responsive Teaching

Our Feedback

Lots of great ideas/theories as to how you communicate effectively as a leader. - Ian

Kids with Capes
Lead Behaviour
  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Using Knowledge of Pupils

  • Power of Scripting

  • Managing Children's Behaviour; Managing Adults' Behaviour

  • Children's Emotional Wellbeing

Our Feedback

The session made me think about small changes I can make to create big changes in the classroom. - Madeleine

everyday leader crest.jpg
Bespoke Training
Group training sessions can be arranged on request. Indicative cost for 10 delegates: £500 per day. £300 per 2 hour training. £250 for 1 hour training. Please call 01449 710438 or 07905 361694 to discuss your training needs.