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Managing Children's Behaviour


Our Training

Children, like adults, thrive the best when they know their purpose, feel valued and feel safe. Take one of those away and it can feel a little scary. Often children's more challenging behaviour is because they are trying to tell us that they feel one of these is missing but they don't have the words to tell us. How we respond as adults can be a make or break for them and can be the difference between calm reflection and uncontrolled escalation. In our training we help adults understand transformation theory, triggers for behaviour and de-escalating techniques

Training Content

We can run a 2 hour training session to help you understand children's behaviour better, clarify what helps children to manage their behaviour better and what helps adults to de-escalate behaviour and help children reflect and modify. In our training session we cover the following areas. The session will include practical techniques to try.

Image by Chris Lawton
  • What helps children improve behaviour?

  • KNOW

  • SHOW

  • GROW

Image by Julien L
  • Maslow's heirachy

  • Chimp reactions *

  • Managing the zones

* Using Steve Peters' Chimp Management principles

Image by Dmitry Ratushny
  • Adler theory

  • Our chimp

  • Drama Triangle

Calm Woman
  • Adult behaviour

  • Adult language

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Scripting *

 *from the work of Paul Dix - 

  When Adults Change.

Happy child
  • Calming & Boxing the Chimp

  • Chimp friendly

  • Taking ownership

  • Deal with guilt, banish shame


Training costs

These sessions are designed for groups up to 30 and are live via Zoom.

This is a 2 hour training session, although a series of shorter sessions can be arranged for schools. Where spread over a series of sessions, this will have a cost implication. 

The cost is £300 per session via Zoom or face to face. 

If you want these face to face, we can discuss costs which will include return travel. 

 Please call 01449 710438 or 07905 361694 to discuss your training needs.

  • Passionate Purpose

  • Values 

  • Strengths

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