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Everyday People Videos


Meet the stars of Everyday People, Everyday Leaders!

'Everyday People, Everyday Leaders' is a book that tells the story of some everyday leaders. Each story demonstrating an aspect of leadership, that when you piece it together you complete the jigsaw of leadership. Each chapter is a different skill and below are some videos in which Colin interviews a person from each chapter to find out more about them and how they developed that skill. 

Chapter 1:
Redefine Failure

Matt Tapscott & Jenny Gooch

Chapter 2:

Dave Hannah

Chapter 3:
Build Relationships

Liz Green

Chapter 4:
Develop Others

Paul Wilcox , Christian Coaching & Mentoring Network

Chapter 5:
Have Integrity

Simon Phillips

Chapter 6:
Communicate Powerfully

Dave Courteen

Chapter 7:
Develop Expertise

Lauren Meadows

Chapter 8:
Strategic Perspective

Julian Eddy

Chapter 9:
Problem Solve

Trevor Waldock

Chapter 10:
Drive for Results

Anna Hennell James

Chapter 11:

David Wicks

Chapter 12:
Define Success

Colin Tapscott


Our thanks to Ben Land of Ben Land Media for producing the videos. If you would like help with your videos and social media, contact Ben, here

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