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Wellbeing Training


Our Training

We believe that the best version of yourself comes when you understand, who you are, what works for you and when you understand what is happening physiologically when you encounter situations that challenge you. Good wellbeing comes when you have emotional intelligence about who you are and what you need to do to manage emotions in the midst of pressure. 

Our online training sessions bring high quality thinking around 8 key topics and blend it with reflection and activities to embed learning about yourself and how to manage yourself. We know that when organisations work with us to bring this to their staff, they see their staff more empowered to manage their emotions and wellbeing, which in turn creates a more healthy organisation and performance.  

Training Topics

We have found that the 8 areas below impact on a person's wellbeing and mental health. These sessions are designed around 60-90 minutes, where attendees take part as well as learn. Designed around friendly and fun activities, learning about your wellbeing doesn't have to be dry. It can be engaging and empowering. These are designed to build upon one another but can also work as individual topics.

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  • Passionate Purpose

  • Values 

  • Strengths

Image by Callum Skelton
  • Understand the brain and my 'chimp'

  • Exercise my 'chimp'

  • Script language to calm the 'chimp'

  • Power of being present

Using Steve Peters' Chimp Management principles

Image by Dmitry Ratushny
  • Conspiracy stories

  • Reviewing, Reframing & Rewriting 

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  • Confidence creation

  • Confidence knocking

  • Building confidence

Image by Valentin Salja
  • Create culture for it

  • Journey mindset

  • Review mindset

  • Finding the root cause

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  • Open & honest review

  • Goal - the key aim

  • Reality - what's working, and is actually not working

  • Options - what could you choose to do

  • Way forward - taking the best option

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  • Managing emotions

  • Listening to understand

  • 4 steps

  • Review

Changing Locks
  • 5 key components

  • Managing transition

  • Ownership of control

  • Curioisity


Training costs

These sessions are designed for groups up to 30 and are live via Zoom.

The cost is £300 per session via Zoom. 

If you want these face to face, we can discuss costs which will include return travel. 

 Please call 01449 710438 or 07905 361694 to discuss your training needs.

  • Passionate Purpose

  • Values 

  • Strengths

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