Bespoke Training
For group training sessions, training can also be arranged on request. Indicative cost: £500 per day + travel for a full day's training for 35 delegates. £350 + travel per half day training. Please call 07905 361694 to discuss your preferences.
Open Courses
We want our training to be accessible for anyone, so we have developed our Open Courses. Each course is £40 for an individual. Review the courses below, select your preference and book via the Eventbrite link.
If none are listed below, then please take a look at the courses at the bottom of the page and the ones we run on our business and education courses tab and call Colin on 07905 361694 or email to discuss your preferences and when the next course will be arranged for. 
Course Topics
We can train your staff in any leadership topic you would like to develop. To give you an idea of courses that we have run for Organisations, there is a list below:


Creating Leadership Culture

Pushing a rugby scrum by yourself is hard work and so is leading by yourself. If you can create a culture where everyone is leading then it can transform your organisation. What is a leadership culture? How do you develop it? How you maintain it so it pushes in the same direction.

Highly reflective practice

Leadership is about how you overcome the problems you face. The course will look at how to take people with you and get the win win. How to weigh up the options so that you don’t create more problems than you solve?

We will also look at how you review a problem using 'black box thinking' so that you can really unpick the issues and how to make an even better 'next time'. 

Coaching for improvement

How do you get your team to become reflective and not reliant on you? Coaching them to be reflective and evaluate a way forward helps them to solve problems and using 5 simple questions, you can help them to learn this process for themselves in time.

Living through your worst nightmare as a leader

How you deal with high stress issues as a leader? How to protect yourself whilst leading others?

Leadership brings intense pressure, you never know what is going to crop up. How do you deal with those nightmare issues, lead staff and manage the stress and pressure that the issues generate? We will look at practical transferable top tips that you can apply to any challenging situation.

I don’t want to be a scary bear

In this course we will examine how to maintain the necessary degree of professional challenge and rigour without making people feel threatened. It all starts with having a clear and passionate ‘why’ that people understand and can buy into, being clear on expectations and knowing how to raise people's game when they don't meet the expectations.


5 stages of strategic

Strategic planning is crucial to success but it’s not as high level as you think. It can be covered in 5 simple key steps This course examines the 5 simple steps to strategic planning, that can be written on the back of an envelope or developed into a glossy document. 


First rung on the ladder

The key things to know when starting off in leadership. The excitement of your new leadership role is tangible but something in your head is saying, "what do I do now?". This course will cover the key things to know when starting off in leadership. How to lead yourself and how to lead a team. How you keep a balance in your life, plan strategically and manage a budget to make sure you become the best leader that you can be.


Putting on the Jacket of power

You can wear the badge with the word leader on it, but what really brings you authority? We will talk about how a good suit jacket helps, but more importantly though, we will tackle the importance of developing your 'character', so that then walks through the door even before you do. We will also examine how the power of listening, understanding people's perception, gives you authority with others. By combining all of these things together, you create your 'jacket of power'.

Effective communication

When we talk about communication, we tend to thing about talking. A listening leader has far more impact. In this course we will examine the power of listening and how to listen effectively to help you consider the best way to get buy in. We will consider how to develop emotional intelligence and how to use counselling techniques and Transactional Analysis to help us and we will also examine the power of speaking last to bring wisdom, authority and buy in. 


Powerful leadership through integrity & working to your strengths

Working from your strengths gives you power within and ensuring you demonstrate integrity at all times, gives you authority with others. We will work on how you develop integrity and maintain it. We will plan how you recognise your strengths, build a culture of this in your organisation and build a team around you to compliment your strengths. 


Staying sane when people complain

Sometimes it seems that parents or others are constantly complaining. We will examine simple, practical ideas to use to address these serial complainers, to disarm them, and even to get them on your side! We will examine about how to prepare for these interactions and how you can protect your emotional self.


How to solve problems

As a leader you are faced with problems to solve on a daily, if not hourly, basis. How you respond to them can be the difference between popping the champagne corks or thumbing through the job pages.  Developing a ‘multi solution’ approach to problem solving enables you to solve problems without creating more. This will help broaden thinking and a process to apply to any problem from company practice, dealing with  staff or customer behaviour, covering staff to big strategic thinking.