Team Building
We believe that your team works well when they learn how to work together, appreciate each other's perspective and learn to have fun together. So our team building is designed to do that. We have a series of fun, hands on activities, that anyone can take part in. No-one gets muddy or embarrassed. Just good fun together. We build our activities around supporting the 5 core functions that make a team work:
1) Trust; 2) Handle conflict; 3) Commitment to each other; 4) Accountability; 5) Attention to results.
We can run these at your venue, if it is suitable or arrange a venue for you at cost.
We can arrange catering for the day if required. 
So, we have some team building days that you can choose from below, or we can design some bespoke training for you based on a simple questionnaire to meet your needs.
To discuss or book training, please contact Colin on 07905 361694 or email
Giant's Castle
Imagine arriving at the Giant's castle where everything is giant sized. Giant spoons,   matchsticks and bowls. A series of activities to test your teamwork and only the best get to leave the castle.
Mission Possible
There are radioactive isotopes that need removing. As a spy you float off the floor to rescue a colleague. Which spy team will get to the prize first though? 
Not Board Games
Imagine some giant board games and you come close to this day. Human Hungry Hippos, Giant Beer Pong (without the beer!), Ker Plunk to name a few. 
More to follow soon
We have more themed days planned and these will appear here soon.
Bespoke Team Building
If you would like a bespoke team building day that addresses the issues your team most needs, then our simple survey can help ascertain the need and design the day around areas that your team needs to improve. Further details to appear here soon. Please call 07905 361694 to discuss your preferences.

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