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Re-imagine not Re-purpose

Everyday Leader’s purpose is to ‘inspire & equip everyday people to see themselves as leaders’. In a pre Coronavirus world we did that through face to face coaching and interactive hands on training. But in a Corona world where we have social distancing, face to face is impossible to do. So does that mean we our purpose ceases to be?

Some may say that you need to re-purpose your organisation at this time of challenge during Coronavirus lockdown. But this is not the case. You purpose remains the same. You just need to re-imagine. It is just the way you carry some of it out that might need to change.

8 Questions of Re-imagining

These 8 questions help deliver our organisation’s purpose in a Corona world. In fact they can help you anytime you face a challenge of delivery.

  1. What is our purpose?

  2. How do we deliver that?

  3. What are the constraints we now face?

  4. What elements of delivery can we still continue to deliver?

  5. What opportunities do we have to deliver our purpose in a new way?

  6. What do we have to hand already to deliver this?

  7. What do we need to bring in, adapt or develop to help us deliver this?

  8. What’s the most effective way of delivering our purpose?

As you answer those questions think openly about the opportunities this Corona world gives you. Don’t limit yourself to what you’ve always done.

What have we done?

Our purpose is to inspire and equip and so we have answered those 8 questions and re-imagined.

Leader has moved from face time face training and coaching to offering online training ( ) and Zoom coaching ( ). We want to help you as you are working from home or on furlough and so we are developing some free ebooks ( ), which are quick easy reads to help you lead yourself and lead others. Just prior to lockdown we developed some videos and we have some lockdown ones being filmed now which will appear here soon ( ). Our Everyday People, Everyday Leader book is also coming out this summer too. All ways we want to help inspire and equip you to lead yourself and others.

What about you?

How will you reimagine your purpose?

How can we help you?

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