Life can sometimes leave bruising or a scar and sometimes those scars and bruises can hold us back from being the best me that we want to be. Leadership is not exempt from those scars and bruises; in fact, it often means we are first in line for them. ReNEW is for those people who want to lead themselves and others with confidence again. Using a unique blend of coaching, training and online material we can help you

  • Review the situation

  • Review your strengths, your purpose and your values

  • Reframe the situation that left bruising or a scar

  • Rebuild and plan the next steps

This is not therapeutic but it will enable you to take control of things you can control. This is for everyday people who want to lead themselves and others with confidence again.


So, if you want to feel back in control and want to write your own story again, then ReNEW could be the experience for you.

ReNEW content - Review, Reframe & Rebuild

ReNew has 4 components: 2 training sessions, 4 coaching sessions, a strengths assessment and online material.



We launch ReNEW with face-to-face training with a difference. Engaging activities help you explore concepts like ‘black box thinking’, ‘chimp paradox’ and ‘Mindset’.

Online Material


At your own pace, you have access to online video and reading material to help you better understand yourself and the situation(s) that damage us. Material that helps you to recognise what you can control and help to leave what you can’t control.

Strengths Assessment


We have a simple Strengthsfinder assessment to help you discover the strengths you have. It is empowering!



The key part of ReNEW is access to a series of four 1-hour 1to1 coaching sessions. We help you review your situation, reframe any thinking that is unhelpful and plan to rebuild your way forward

1. REVIEW Strengths

2. REVIEW Values

3. REFRAME Purpose

4. REFRAME Thinking


We end ReNEW with face-to-face training on mindsets that you need to rebuild and develop your next steps share



Three months after ReNEW you’ll get a catch-up video call to check how you are doing. Six months after ReNEW we will come together to update on progress.

ReNEW Benefits

What do you get from this? It is the opportunity to

  • Regain control

  • Learn new things about yourself

  • Discover your strengths

Most importantly it is chance to invest in yourself, your leadership and ReNEW yourself


ReNEW Cost

What does this cost?

Well for 4 hours of training, 4 hours of coaching, hours of online content and review sessions, this will would normally cost £750 which equates to £62.50 a week over the 12-week course. BUT - we are planning our first pilot and so we are offering discounted rates with the proviso that you give us some feedback so that we can shape ReNEW to be the best support for leaders. Pilot cost is £400 for the course. So get it contact with us if you are interested in being part of the pilot. We hope to start this in September 2021.


ReNEW Next Steps 

If you would like to discuss ReNEW further or sign up for our next ReNEW programme, then contact Alice at or 01449 710438.  

Pilot - We will start in September and will set dates with those who have signed on. Do contact us to join the limited spaces on the Pilot.