Colin Tapscott - Director
Colin is one of the Directors of Everyday Leader. He has a wide range of leadership experience including 18 years as a headteacher and 12 years as director of a charity. Colin's expertise is on how to develop people and with ten of Colin's former staff now leading as headteachers, he has a proven record. Developing effective communication, using coaching techniques to empower people and free you up as a leader and developing authority as a leader are other areas Colin can empower you. 
Personal testimony of Colin's work: "Colin has an excellent way of capturing the essence of what issues leaders face & empowering us to find a path through them with kindness and resilience."
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Sally Shorten - Associate Trainer 
Sally is a highly effective learning and development consultant. Over her career, she has held Senior Training and Leadership Roles across Insurance, Financial Services and Banking sectors. Sally has recently worked with designing and delivering training for such clients as the NHS, Retail Banking, Schools and Private Businesses, within the UK and globally. Sally is exceptional at helping participants develop personal effectiveness, communication and customer service. 
Personal testimony of Sally’s work: "I have grown massively in confidence in my job role and in myself personally. This has been down to the exceptional level of coaching and mentoring I have received from yourself, which has pushed me to become the best version or myself I can be within my role."
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Lauren Meadows - Associate Educational Adviser & Trainer
Conference speaker and former Deputy Headteacher, Lauren has a rich knowledge of pedagogy, assessment and curriculum leadership.  She helps national bodies develop policy and trains across the country on assessment and English. If you are looking to develop leadership of assessment, middle leaders or your curriculum, then Lauren will empower you.
Personal testimony of Lauren's work: "Lauren's training is exceptional. Her clarity around the curriculum, assessment and learning is second to none. I now have clarity and confidence to tackle what seemed impossible before her training."
Kirstie Land - Associate Educational Adviser & Trainer
Kirstie's expertise is in the area of leading staff in behaviour management of children. Previously a Deputy Head in a pupil referral unit for 5 years, she now runs THRIVE, an exciting partnership between schools and youth provision to support children who struggle with mainstream school. If your school would like to develop its support of children who struggle with behaviour and would like advisory support or training in this area then Kirstie will give you and your staff the confidence to thrive.
Personal testimony of Kirstie's work: "Kirstie has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with compassion and understanding. Supporting children with high needs can be so daunting but Kirstie's session has given clarity on the ways to support children."
Fran Davies - Associate Educational Adviser & Trainer
Fran is a Clinical Psychologist with a PGCE in Special Education. Fran has more than 25 years experience working with children, young people & adults with a range of complex needs. These include autism, developmental trauma, mental health issues & intellectual disabilities, across a variety of educational & health settings. She has long-standing experience of delivering training, supervision & consultation at local & national level.
Personal testimony of Fran's work: “Fran has a lovely way of picking her way through complexity, which makes her a very good psychologist and therapist” 
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