Leadership is for Everyday People
Leadership; a word traditionally reserved for those with a title, a badge, a position, a name, an office, a desk, some stripes on the arm or a story of heroism to tell. But leadership is simpler and more pervasive than that. Leadership can be found in the poorest and quietest of places, away from the media and award ceremonies. It can be found in everyday places, exhibited by everyday people being everyday leaders.
'Everyday People, Everyday Leaders' is a book that tells the story of a few of these everyday leaders. Each story demonstrating an aspect of leadership, that when you piece it together you complete the jigsaw of leadership. The good news, for those wanting to be a leader, is that you don’t have to have all the pieces of the jigsaw to start. Like the childhood sticker albums, it is the journey of gathering the precious stickers that is part of the enjoyment. Central to the principle of being a good leader is being malleable, willing to learn and develop as a leader, gathering new skills as you practise the art of leadership.  Read the book and hopefully discover that you have some already and you can collect develop others as you journey through leadership.
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Leadership Skills Wheel
To review your skills, click this link or the picture above to open a PDF of the wheel to print and use.
Meet some of the characters in the book. Colin interviews people from each chapter to find out more about them and how they use the skills of the chapter.
Click this link to visit the video page.
Problem Solving Process
Chapter 9 outlines how to get a complete picture of the situation and how to find creative ways to solve the problem. Click this link to see and download a problem solving approach.  
These resources will be live on launch day on 24th July 2020 
Jane Ryder has produced some infographics of each chapter. These can be viewed here. Click each picture to view a pdf of the infographic.
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Chapter 1
Redefine Failure
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Build Relationships
Chapter 4
Develop Others
Chapter 5
Have Integrity
Chapter 6
Communicate Powerfully
Chapter 7
Develop Expertise
Chapter 8
Strategic Perspective
Chapter 9
Problem Solve
Chapter 10
Drive for Results
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Define Success
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Chapter 3 info graphic build relationshi
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chapter 5 Info graphic.jpg
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chapter 7 copy.jpg
Chapter 8 Infographic.jpg
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Individual Reflection Pages
Each chapter has team reflection points for you. To access these, click the picture next to each chapter to view a pdf.
Team Reflection Pages
You may want to read the book as a leadership team. Each chapter has team reflection points for you. To access these, click the picture next to each chapter to view a pdf.
Individual Reflection Page
Reflection Page

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