How can you access our training
You can either book onto our Open Courses or your organisation can book us to run Bespoke Training in your venue. We tailor our courses for your need, but one of the best starting points is to look at the types of training we run below and then talk to us about how you would like us to tailor it. Details of the types of courses we run can be seen below.
Bespoke Training
For group training sessions, training can also be arranged on request. Indicative cost: £500 per day + travel for a full day's training for 35 delegates. £350 + travel per half day training. Please call 07905 361694 to discuss your preferences.
Course Topics
We can train your staff in any leadership topic you would like to develop. To give you an idea of courses that we have run for Organisations, there is a list below:


Developing leadership skills & creating leadership culture

We have a range of courses to develop basic leadership skills such as:

How to develop authority and rigour

How to create a culture of leadership. 

How to develop highly reflective practice


Coaching for improvement

How do you get your team to become reflective and not reliant on you? Coaching them to be reflective and evaluate a way forward helps them to solve problems and using 5 simple questions, you can help them to learn this process for themselves in time.  


Strategic improvement

Strategic planning is not as complicated as it need be. Courses include:

5 stages of strategic planning

Problem solving skills. 


Effective communication

When we talk about communication, we tend to thing about talking. A listening leader has far more impact. We have a range of courses to develop listening and communication skills:

Effective Communication

Presentation skills

Managing complaints


Personal effectiveness to have impact  

We look at how to bring the company values to life in yourself that develops you personally and creates a positive culture in the company. We help you strengthen a winning attitude through sharpening communication skills and using your strengths to create high personal impact. 


Improving sales and how to ‘cross sell’

If sales along with service is vital to your business, we develop your teams’ relationship with clients and explore techniques to develop cross selling in a way that customers love you. 


Effective Professional Development

Effective performance improvements are crucial to enable business success. This course will get your staff passionate about their professional and personal development. 


Living through your worst nightmare as a leader

How you deal with high stress issues as a leader? How to protect yourself whilst leading others?

We will look at practical transferable top tips that you can apply to any challenging situation. 

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