We believe that the answer for something we want to solve can often be found within ourselves. However, sometimes there is often so much going on in our heads that we need a coach to help tease it out. Using the GROW model we can spend time with you helping you to examine options open to you. 
We know that you need to connect with a coach and learn to trust them. So we offer an initial meeting, free of charge, to see if you feel comfortable. Costs for coaching can vary, depending on length of time and venue and so please contact us for details.
Colin Tapscott - Director
Colin is one of the Directors of Everyday Leader. He has a wide range of leadership experience including 18 years as a headteacher and 12 years as director of a charity. Colin's expertise is on how to develop people and with ten of Colin's former staff now leading as headteachers, he has a proven record. Using coaching techniques, Colin will empower you to rediscover your authority as a leader and to develop a multi-solution approach to solve the issues you face. 
Personal testimony of Colin's work: "Colin has an excellent way of capturing the essence of what issues leaders face & empowering us to find a path through them with kindness and resilience."
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Sally Shorten - Associate Trainer 
Sally is a highly effective learning and development consultant. Over her career, she has held Senior Training and Leadership Roles across Insurance, Financial Services and Banking sectors. Sally's approach to coaching is to work with you to discover what is at the centre of the issue you want to improve. As well as coaching your thinking, she blends her expertise at helping participants develop personal effectiveness, communication and emotional intelligence. 
Personal testimony of Sally’s work: "I have grown massively in confidence in my job role and in myself personally. This has been down to the exceptional level of coaching and mentoring I have received from yourself, which has pushed me to become the best version or myself I can be within my role."
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If you would like to book one of our coaches to run training for you then please contact us on colin@everydayleader.co.uk or 07905 361694

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