Our Training

The best personal development comes when it is part of an ongoing journey of blended learning. High quality theory training & online resourcing helps expand thinking. Opportunity to practise the knowledge, skills and behaviour helps discover the impact and regular conversations with a coach or mentor helps sharpen and embed good practice. We can help you with this for your staff. 

Our face to face training sessions brings high quality thinking and blends it with engaging activities to embed learning. Regular points of reflection and application help the participants see how they can apply it to their context to improve performance.


Training Topics

We can develop bespoke training for you on any area of leadership and communication. Feel free to look at the range of training we can offer and then talk to us about how you would like us to develop your training.

Coronavirus Update


We offer online training through Zoom, so not even this nasty virus can stop you getting the support that you need. Click here to see our online training page

Contact us on or 07905 361694 to arrange training.


Public Speaker
Lead Yourself
  • Developing Leadership Mindsets

  • Heart & Character of a Leader

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Assertiveness

  • Authority as a Leader

Holding Phones
Lead Communication
  • Clear Communication

  • Leading Change

  • Leading Meetings

  • Telephone Skills

  • Presentation Skills

Colleagues Working Together
Lead Your Team
  • Developing Professional Relationships

  • 5D Leadership of a Team

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  • Managing People

  • Coaching for Improvement & Engagement

Business Partners at Work
Leading in Conflict
  • Managing Conflict

  • Handling Complaints Well

Touchscreen Computer
Lead Strategy
  • Effective Monitoring

  • Problem Solving

  • 5 Stages of Planning

  • Change Management

People During Workshop
Lead Culture
  • Create a Leadership Culture

  • Customer Focused Sales

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Bespoke Training
For group training sessions, training can also be arranged on request. Indicative cost: £650 per day + travel for a full day's training for 30 delegates. £400 + travel per half day training. Please call 01449 710438 or 07905 361694 to discuss your training needs.