Balance vs Burnout - Bringing good from burnout

“No, not now.” The red light came on the dash board in synchronicity with the ensuing chugging of the engine. His hand thumped the dashboard in frustration. “Not now. No, No. No.” he repeated again as if the words would have some magic power and inject fuel back into the tank and save him from his own stupidity and now impending lateness for his important tendering meeting. He’d been busy, rushing from meeting to meeting. He knew the orange light 50 miles ago was his last reminder of the need to refuel his tank, but he’d not filled up the night before and he was already running tight on time for this meeting. He’d missed the warning signs and now it was too late. One thing he did know, as he

Balance vs Burnout - Bringing Balance

Slowly, he walked along the edge of the balance beam. His first, second and third step had been fine, but as he placed his fourth step, he could feel gravity pulling him to his right. He shifted his weight to try to correct it, but it was too late. He instinctively reached out to the rail to his right to stop himself from falling. He stood upright. And set off again. We hear a lot about having life balance. Work, rest and play. Diet, exercise, sleep, meaningful work, hobbies, social, and community involvement. There are, of course, pro-active things that you can do to help start more balanced. But life and leadership are not static and so there are times when the normal balance seems to have

Balance vs Burnout - What is burnout?

Scar Yesterday, my father and I were driving along the road. He pointed out what I saw each day I travelled along this road. “I wonder why they haven’t sorted out that part of the road, where the car burnt out.” The tarmac was melted, scarred, uneven and uncomfortable to travel over. An old ‘uneven surface’ road sign, now overgrown with weeds, was by the side of the road warning drivers of its charred existence. Despite its damage, it remained. Calling out its story to every passer-by. This was the place where the car was on fire. This was the place of burnout. My niece had been travelling along this road, late at night, returning from work, when she had seen the abandoned car on fire. The c

Balance vs Burnout - What is balance?

Out of balance Frustrated, he couldn’t believe that he’s made that mistake. How did he miss it? He flicked open his diary and scanned the week looking for a slot to remedy it. A sea of filled coloured booking slots jumped out at him. He refocused his eyes to look for an elusive grey free slot. His eyes were tired from too many late night ‘burning the candle at both ends’ work sessions. He rubbed them, as if it would work like rubbing the genie lamp. Nope. Something would have to give. Sound familiar? Countless leaders find themselves in this position. It comes not that long before burnout. A sure-fire indicator that balance is not in place. Mistakes being missed, diary too full, too many lat

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