5 keys to leading in disruption - Visibility

Unprecedented The company had been very successful and then all of a sudden, sales and profits had started to tumble. These were unprecedented times. The school had done well for a number of years, scoring in the top 25% of school nationally, and yet now, with this change of cohort that had come in in the last two years, scores were dropping rapidly and the schools commissioner was starting to ask for meetings with the head. These were unprecedented times. The charity was well known and popular with everyone and was having real impact with the people group it served. The team was so co-ordinated and focused but now they were broken, devastated at the news that Sandra, their much-loved deputy

Centred Creativity

Centred She pulled back the string, drawing the arrow with it. Poised, muscles flexing under the tension of the bow, her eye focused along the arrow pinpointing the yellow centre of the target. Holding steady, eye and arrow fixed on the target his fingertips released the string sending the arrow to pierce the target. He glanced at the ball on the floor, he glanced up to the posts. The crowd dropped silent, breathing on hold. The pre striking ritual began. Up at the posts, down at the ball. Up at the posts down at the ball. Three clear strides and the ball was struck, soaring high with one aim and one purpose. She, bounced the ball three times to the court, each time catching to test the spri

Reflective Resilience

When his early morning run has started the temperature was ok. But now, with the sun beating down on his already sweaty forehead, it was not so enjoyable. Now, it was just about surviving, getting to the end. This view of the runner, just managing to get to the end, is how many of us see resilience, just get through this to better times, just survive. In 2016, in a period of intense pressure at work, I had the image of a man clinging to rocks as torrents of water crashing down the river threatening to pull him off. The man clung on with all his might, thinking this water will ease soon, but yet it didn’t it kept flowing. That is how it felt at the time and how we can view resilience, just th

Engaged Employees

“What do we need to do to stop the huge number of teachers leaving the profession within the first five years?” was the question one tweet asked last week. A host of replies then ensued, all giving their strong opinion and whose fault it was. Too much interference from government, unrealistic pressures due to Ofsted, constantly changing educational landscape, passion being extinguished by vision for education not matching reality and pupil behaviour in classrooms. All of these hold some validity in the reason for this significant retention issue. But retention of people, has a simpler root. It is something crucial for not just education but for all of us as leaders as we lead our organisatio

Focused Flexibility

Today had been a new venture. I was used my usual run of 4.3km around the village and I needed a freshness to my run and to extend my running and test out my injuries. So, in a moment of possible madness I arranged for my wife to drop me off on her way to work and I would run the quieter country roads back. Resembling a fluorescent T-Rex plodding through the countryside, I made my way back, feeling pleased with my progress. Today’s run was to be my longest at just under 8km and at the 6.5km mark I was faced with a choice. To continue on the road that I knew, but face a couple of dangerous bends to face any cars or take a new cross-country route that I had never used before along a new footpa

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