Characters in your story

I picked up the phone and answered with my customary, “hello”. “Hello Colin, CJ here.” The voice was distinctive. A little older, slightly frailer but still the definitive Cyril ‘CJ’ Wearn. Now 83, he had called to thank me for a copy of my newly published book that I had sent him. To a group of teenage lads in the 1980’s he is an absolute legend. As our youth leader he would run club night every Friday and introduce us to the world of 20p bottles of fizzy pop, 5p bags of crisps and weekly games of pool and table tennis. In the summer he would take us on ‘wide games’ out into the woods for chase the flag and then camping trips. Characters of Impact “I think you have oversold me in the book,”


As the film finished, they started to roll . . the credits. The time when moviegoers stand and start to make their way out. Although the movie goer has little interest in the list of names, the list bears testimony to all the hard work behind the film and acknowledges each person’s part in the film. As the reader turned the last page of the final chapter, they saw the credits page and closed the book and placed the book down on the table. To the reader, the book is finished and very few care to glance at the list of names and the comments the author has attribute to each one. And yet, without their input and support the book may never have been written. Now, I’ve never made a film, but havin

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The 1980’s brought us many things, not least some amazing music from groups like Human League, Alison Moyet, Wham, Duran Duran and one of my personal favourites Howard Jones. But I also remember the popularity of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, or ‘Secret Path’ Books and then a series of computer games that followed the same model. These were a series of children's game-books where each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. At the end of each chapter the reader was faced with a decision to make to take them to the next chapter. Often in the

Neverending Inspiring Story

In 1984, a wonderful film called ‘Neverending Story’ was released. It tells the story of a boy called Bastian picked on by his father and by bullies. One day he decides to play truant and walks into a strange bookstore, where in the attic, he discovers a book called "The Neverending Story". As Bastian reads the book, he's enveloped in the unfolding tale. It’s a fantasy story that a boy reading a book can become part of that story. But what if leadership could be a ‘Neverending Story’? Power of story Stories are not just for children. Story has immense power and connection and is a vital tool for connecting people to the purpose of what you are communicating. Scientists have done studies on t

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