Inspire through energisers

What energises you? There are some things that we do that really energise us. Time seems to pass easily when we are doing it and it gives us a sense that the jigsaw pieces are all in the puzzle. In this series of blogs, I am outlining 5 areas that can inspire and develop ourselves so that we can inspire and develop others. CRISP helps us do that. C - Clarity of Purpose R – Rest & Reflection I – Input S - Surround yourself P – Practise what energises you The last piece of this puzzle is practising what energises us. So, what are energisers? It energises Energisers can be different things for different people. I know that when I run training – it really energises me. I know that when I coach p

Inspire through your relationships

We can’t see it with the human eye, although when we take a moment to reflect in our mind’s eye we can see those who have impacted on us. Those who have shaped our thinking, maybe even our career choices because of their influence. But just imagine if you could have magic inspiration goggles that revealed those who have shaped and impacted us and left indelible fingerprints on our lives. What would they show? Inspiration Goggles As you place the goggles on and look at yourself in the mirror and as you then turn and look around at your colleagues, you will notice that there are common themes. In glowing green are the finger prints of those who have enhanced and encouraged. Moments where peopl

Inspire your thinking

“I haven’t got time for breakfast,” snapped Jane as she grabbed her bag and ran out of the door. She threw her bag on the back seat, strapped herself in and sped off to her first appointment. It was a busy day ahead with back to back meetings. Most of them online. Before she knew it she was heading home in the car, feeling somewhat hungry and faint as the lack of breakfast was matched by just a coffee at lunchtime. She knew she lacked energy. She was interrupted from her thoughts with the ‘ping’ from the dashboard and the ominous orange fuel low light. Fortunately, it was near to her local garage and as she placed the petrol pump in the car, it dawned on her that she had been running on low

Inspire your reflection

Time to Reflect The usual swoosh and flick in the soapy water and he lifted the razor to his face to begin the part of the shave. He stopped briefly and looked more deeply into the mirror. Yep, those were baggy eyes. And yes – they were his baggy eyes. He reflected. It had been several weeks since his last normal night, let alone an early night. It was taking his toll on those eyes. In fact it was taking a toll on those around him too as he had found himself being a little short and snappy at times. The final stroke of the razor and he mopped his face dry with the towel. He took a step back and hung up the towel. As he did so, he could see his whole body reflected in the full-length mirror.

Inspire your vision

The Zoom screen was in front of her. Each member of the team sat there with expectant faces. No-one could have foreseen how the Coronavirus would impact business. But it had. Amanda knew, as boss, it was her job to now lead this team into the next chapter. The team had been through thick and thin, through recession, industry rule changes and always come out ok. But, as she stared at the screen, she could feel the sense of panic rise. How could she inspire them on the next stage of the journey when she was struggling herself? CRISP As a leader, the ability to inspire others is crucial. Seth Godin says the role of a leader is to ‘paint a picture of the future, go there and people will follow’.

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