Innovation – Consider different solutions

Douglas clambered down the loft ladder with the dusty box pressing against his shirt. After several hours up and down this ladder, his wife’s idea of a good way to spend another lockdown weekend of clearing the loft did not seem like a good idea. He lifted the lid to see what was inside this box and there it was, his ZX Spectrum from 1982 and the series of game on tape. There at the top was his favourite – ‘The Hobbit’. He would spend hours on this decision based strategy game. The graphics were awful compared to modern games, but he remembered it fondly. He remembered the joy of completing that final level and he remembered the frustration when made the wrong decision picking up the sword i

Innovation - Get to the root of the problem

Like a mechanical soothsayer, Norman used all of his senses to gauge the situation. Smoke pluming from the 1973 Hillman Avenger was in synchronisation with the rattling engine. He drew in a breath, partly to sense what the engine was burning and partly as a sharp intake of breath at what his grandson had done to this engine. The engine bonnet aloft, Norman bent down and removed the oil filler cap. The creamy residue inside it was a tell-tale sign of oil mixing with water, whispering to Norman that the cylinder head gasket had been damaged. Time to strip down the engine. For those of you who are not mechanically minded, you may be wondering what a broken 1973 Hillman Avenger has to do with l

Innovation - Four Candles

What comes to mind when I say the words, ‘Four Candles’? If you are of a certain age you will remember the infamous ‘Four Candles’ sketch by the Two Ronnies. It is a sketch full of wordplay and homophones as a scruffy tank top wearing Ronnie Barker asks the shopkeeper for items on his shopping list. The customer wants 'Fork Handles', but the shop keeper gives him 'Four Candles'. From Ronnie Corbett the shopkeeper, we move to another business owner. John sat there with his head in his hands. He didn’t understand. He had ‘pivoted’ his business like the social media had advised. He had switched all of his face to face business to online. He had paid F

Innovation - What is Good Practice?

We placed our hand luggage in the overhead lockers and sat down one by one in the row of three seats. It had been a long day but worth the trip. It had all gone to plan. Not even Shaun being stopped for a search in the airport had delayed the ‘3Amigos’ from their adventure of discovery. Now, admittedly a day trip to Newcastle might not be everyone’s idea of an adventure, but for three headteachers from Suffolk it had been more than a day out. For Anna, Shaun and me, it had been a successful research trip. Who would have known that reading the ’20 Outstanding Schools – Excelling Against the Odds’ would have led to this journey? It had been good for us to see a school working in a similar con

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