Innovation - End Goal in Mind

The blank piece of paper stared back at him. It was almost mocking him. The empty white space teasing him like a playground bully, ‘your brains just like this piece of paper . . empty!’ He needed to innovate. The company was struggling at this time and he needed to find a new way forward. He needed to adapt. He needed a freshness that would connect with his customer. Have you ever faced that blank piece of paper? However hard you stare at it, it offers you no help. It just mocks you. The reason it offers not help is that the answer is not found in the blankness of the paper. It has to come before the piece of paper. In my youth, I loved a bit of sport. Rugby in the winter and athletics in t

The 3 P's of being a Hungry Hippo

Maddie shot into the centre of the arena on her makeshift body board. Fully armoured with helmet, elbow and kneepads she sailed inches off the ground towards the centre where an array of coloured balls were. Never had she imagined that she would be a human hungry hippo, but here she was. So many coloured balls; So many competitors also heading towards her. She knew her focus - blue balls, but before she had the chance to lower her bucket on some, like a steam train Casper, her nemesis thundered into her from the side. She just needed to focus. . . ignore the distractions. Just get the blue balls. In a less dramatic fashion we often face that same tension. There is a job to do but where do I

Re-imagine not Re-purpose

Everyday Leader’s purpose is to ‘inspire & equip everyday people to see themselves as leaders’. In a pre Coronavirus world we did that through face to face coaching and interactive hands on training. But in a Corona world where we have social distancing, face to face is impossible to do. So does that mean we our purpose ceases to be? Some may say that you need to re-purpose your organisation at this time of challenge during Coronavirus lockdown. But this is not the case. You purpose remains the same. You just need to re-imagine. It is just the way you carry some of it out that might need to change. 8 Questions of Re-imagining These 8 questions help deliver our organisation’s purpose in a Cor

Playing the game with the cards in hand

The dealer slowly worked his way around the table. Cards flicked out of his hand and landed in front of each player. All seven cards lay face down in front of each eager player and their hands reached down to take their pile. Eyes feverishly scanned the hand in front of him. His mind raced; “keep the ‘poker face’ on – don’t give the game away”. It was not a good hand – but it was what he had been dealt. He just had to play the game as well as he could. Do his best and avoid a heavy defeat. Life deals us cards. Sometimes it is a good hand and the victories are sweet. Sometimes it is a bum hand of cards. But the thing is, knowing to play the hand you are dealt at that time because soon there w

Control what you can Control

The car was driving like a dream. The engine was firing sweetly, the gentle breeze coming through the cabin. Life was sweet. And then, with no warning the car’s front end pulled to the left, the rear end pulled to the right. Instinctively, your grip tightened on the wheel and you twisted the wheel to the right to pull it back in line. But this normal correction was not working. The wheels, having hit oil on the road had no traction. You’re a skilled driver and so you continue to use the corrective measures to bring this beautiful classic, that you’ve spent years nurturing to its current state, back into line. But, all to no avail. Your mind is racing and in a split second you realise the car

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