Take your head out of the bucket

"It's dark in here." "It feels a little frightening." "I can't see anything. It all seems a little hopeless," said the sheep with his head in a bucket. What would you say to the sheep? "Lift up your head!" "Take your head out of the bucket!" You see, with your head in a bucket, it all seems dark. All you can see is the immediacy around you. There is very little to light up your day. You can't see all the good around you. But you do have a choice. Option 1 - You can lift up your head and look around you. See that there are some dark muddy patches, but there is also some green grass. Option 2 - You can keep your head in the bucket and feel in the dark and isolated. As I write this blog, we are

Pudding before main course

Tradition has it that we eat our meat and veg before our pudding. As a kid, it was always the pudding that we looked forward to. In fact mum said we had to eat our liver (yuck) and curly kale from the veg patch (we were poor!) before we got our ice cream. Imagine how we felt when we were faced with liver and curly kale - yes, pretty heavy hearted. And then the ice cream arrived - our spirits lifted. So, I am going to propose that we mix things up and eat our pudding before our main course. Now, before you declare me mad for such culinary crimes, my thinking is to do this with our thinking. Let me explain. Our thinking affects how we feel. When we get worried or stressed about things our bodi

The game in the mind

"They are going to thrash us!" said one of the team as we walked towards the opposition football team. The opposition were unbeaten and top of the league. I was their coach and the group of 15 year olds to listen. "Lads, it is about the game in the mind today. If you believe you are going to be thrashed, then you will be. But, if you believe that if you work together and work hard you may, just may be able to get something out of this game." They looked at one another, nodded, and agreed to give it a go. We talked tactics. It was the thing of movies. By half time we were 2-0 up and the opposition coach was going loopy, throwing every trick he could muster. The half time talk was 'more of the

Leadership needed in these times

We are in unprecedented times. As the Coronavirus spreads so will worry & panic. As a leader, what our people need from us is the following: CALM - An example of calmness - calm breads calm as it creates a sense of safety. Take time yourself to gain calm. Find a quiet space and practise calm breathing. Gain perspective and balance. COMMUNICATION - keep people updated on the current situation, as much as possible in our rapidly changing world. Little updates, reassuring people that you understand they are worried but that this is our current plan. CARE - listen to people, ask their worries, give reassurance. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. So don’t say, “it will all be ok” when it may n

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