Skip down the Sonic Runway

“Come on, let’s skip,” said Tilly as she grabbed my hand. Tilly is only 6 and amongst the busy Wembley crowds, she walked down the sonic runway placed along Wembley Way as part of the Winterfest display. Her sense of awe was palpable and when you are six and the music is playing and the lights are flickering, there is only one thing that you can do and it is to skip. And when you are skipping there is nothing better to do than grab the hand of a family friend who can be trusted and skip. Now Tilly is six and skipping is natural. I am a 51 year old, 6 foot 2 inch, 16 stone grown up and skipping perhaps doesn’t look quite so grand when I do it. But skip we did. When the opportunity comes, don’

Bringing your vision into focus

In April 2017, I took a bold step and established Everyday Leader to Inspire, Develop & Equip everyday people in leadership skills. 2 1/2 years later I'm loving what I do as I train and coach people in leadership and I'm looking forward to releasing my book and videos in February. Discovering who you are, what you are good at and having a vision for what you want to do can be exciting but stepping out to make that vision a reality can also be scary. But don't have 2020 vision on your dreams and hopes. As you approach the end of the year consider how you could make a dream, a vision, become a reality. Here a couple of top tips for doing that: Consider what you are good at and love doing Consi

Teach them how to fish

As a coach, I have the privilege to work with a range of leaders helping them to see ways forward. One of my leaders last week explained her approach with staff. She said, “I give them a fishing rod not a fish.” I love this metaphor and asked her if I could share it with others. So imagine the scene of this brilliant metaphor. A quayside. There are two groups of six people. An experienced fisherman heads up each group. Group number one. The experienced fisherman with his rod catches fish. Every time he gets a fish he hands it to the 5 people sitting next to him. The rate of fish catching is limited to the one fisherman. Group number two. The experienced fisherman with his rod catches fish an

Find your Top Trump

You opponent opposite you, turns to his next card. He scans the categories: Top Speed, Power, Cylinders. Which one will he choose to play his card on? You fight back the smile that is bursting within you as you look at your card. You know his fight will be pointless as you have the Top Trump. The card that will defeat virtually anything that can be thrown at it. When you have it, you know that you will be undefeatable. You know the card, you know where its strengths are and you know how to play it. Whether, like me you are a child of the late sixties or far younger, many of us know the joy of playing Trumps and seeing what they can trump each other with. Life and business is a little like a

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