Clarity Amidst Chaos

Things do not always go to plan. That’s what happens in life. So what is key when things go wrong? On 24th October a train line came down near Colchester. On that particular day, I was heading into London for some coaching training and as I arrived at Stowmarket station the display board lit up with cancelled, cancelled, cancelled for all the London trains. “You’ll need to take the train to Cambridge and then go to London,” said the guard. So when the single carriage train arrived we all piled in. Once we were all squeezed in the announcement came over the tannoy. “There will be a train going to London, go to the other platform and the train will take you to Ipswich and change for a London t

Leader of the Pack

It's a cute picture. Nothing gets attention more than a cute puppy. But there are some lessons in leadership here. Let me explain. Here is Scooby the pup. He's spent the last 3 months learning how to be part of the pack from Lola the black Lab and Alfie the Spaniel. He's learnt how to play from them, how to chew bones, what to do when we go for a walk and what the routines are during the day. As a leader, we have the same role as Lola and Alfie. Our role is to model values, expectations and skills and what it is to be a leader. So how do we do it? I would recommend M,M&Ms. Modelling Miranda Moments Meerkat Moments Modelling Firstly it comes from modelling what we want to see happen. How we b

Lead Leaders like they like to be led

Bernie did her very best to manage her poker face. She wasn’t sure if it was working but her boss seemed to be taking it. Inside she could feel her frustration brewing. She loved working for this company, she loved the vision and values. She liked her boss, but she was feeling that her wings were clipped with his style of telling her what to do. She may be young but she was not a novice. She had led in different contexts for many years but she found it so frustrating when she was just told what to do, when she knew involving her in discussions would enthuse her so much more and she had some ideas that could help shape things even more. Have you ever felt like Bernie? You’re a leader but your

Responding to the opposition

There is a lot of partisan anger about at the moment. Right wing vs left wing; Conservative vs Labour; Leavers vs Remainers. Each person certain of their view and unwilling to consider each other’s point of view. So how do we respond in a world like that? A quick look at Twitter or similar social media platforms and you see anger, vitriol, personal attacks to points of view that people disagree with. There is a disbelief that someone could be so stupid for believing such a thing and that view is expressed. And of course, following that expression, Twitter war then ensues. So, is there a better way to dealing with opposing views? Matthew Syed, in his book ‘Rebel Ideas’ talks about many in ou

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