Good leaders lift people up

Like many, I was shocked to hear of the helicopter crash outside Leicester City Football Club's stadium on Saturday 27th October which resulted in the death of Leicester City's chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others. The loss of all lives in this tragedy is deeply saddening. What has struck me is the public outpouring of affection and respect to this man by the city of Leicester. Today has seen the laying of flowers outside the ground and inside the ground a silent moving tribute by Leicester staff and Vichai's family. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has clearly had a profound affect on people. He was CEO of Kingpower Duty Free, and bo

Helping staff to be 'the hand of the King'

In Port Stewart In N. Ireland is a coffee shop, 'The 3 Kings'. Above their coffee machine is the reminder to employees, "Be Awesome; You're a hand of the King." In a coffee shop it's the coffee, cake, staff & ambience that reflect on the company reputation. If any one of those is not of a high standard, it affects the success. Whatever you do, whether it is a company, a school, a charity, a voluntary group or something faith based, it is about a) a quality product, b) a place that people feel comfortable c) the way that you serve. People often make sure they have a quality product and a place that reflects the brand. But many forget to invest in staff in being clear on what 'the hand of the

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