Weed your garden

Ball Tampering Headlines in the sports pages today read, “Australian ball-tampering: Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft apologise.” No doubt, those into cricket have a particular view on damaging the ball to gain an advantage in bowling so you can win the game. For those of us who aren’t cricketers, we wonder how rubbing a ball a bit would make a difference, but one thing is clear that the action of those involved puts questions about their character and integrity as it is clear they were trying to cheat. As I read the article http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/43580069 one phrase jumped out at me, "It was a failure of my leadership," Character Education In my work with Emerging

Breathe in as well as out

Everyday Leader is one year old. Setting up a business from scratch is no mean feat and does require a lot of hard work. Many people will give you wise advice like, “unashamedly milk your contacts,” or “you need to put the hard work in,” or “people buy you so be positive and smile a lot.” All of these are useful top tips. But there is one important thing that a very wise friend of mine taught me that not only holds true for a startup, but holds true for life. In order to ‘Inspire’, you need to ‘In-spire’. ‘Inspire’ or ‘inspiration’ has its root meaning in ‘to breathe in’ to breathe into your life something new, something that potentially energises or helps you see something new. As leaders,

Macro-management - empowering you and your staff

A copy of the article published in Primary School Management magazine in March 2018 Lisa was buzzing. Despite the usual frustrations of the day, the school’s ‘writing challenge’ project – where teachers were invited to develop and share best practice – had invigorated her. The flip chart paper and big pens activity she’d done that afternoon had really engaged the children, particularly the boys. Her previous school had dictated the teaching approach you needed to follow; no straying, or you were scored down in observations. Back then, she’d felt educationally strangled and her passion had dwindled. But here was different. There were no micromanaged diktats in her new school. Just a clear cha

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