Snapshot of failure

At the weekend, my wife and I took a trip to London for some quality time together and to see the sites. We went to the National Portrait Gallery for a bit of culture. Most pictures were of people from history that didn't capture me. But one did. I came across this portrait of Winston Churchill by William Orpen. A younger picture than many of those you normally see of him. Younger than the famed leader who lead the country through most of WW2 as Prime Minister. I was struck by his eyes in this picture. Have a look at them. They seemed to me to have a troubled look. And then I read the explanation. As First Lord of the Admiralty during World War 1, Churchill was held responsible for the naval

The Power of words

My strength, when I was at school was Maths rather than English. I loved the rhythm, pattern and the problem solving of it. But, as an adult working with people as part of my job, I have discovered the power of language and the impact that the words you use can have. Words can evoke strong feelings and what words you choose to start a sentence with can have the power to make or break a meeting. They have the power to build up or the power to emotionally damage. Responsibility with words Words are cheap. They can be easily used and don't cost anything. You can get a whole load of them from any online thesaurus for free. Unlike a car though, you do not need a licence to use them. But, like a c

The power of story

It was a cold winters day. Thick snow still covering the ground, my breath acting like a wall of fog in front of me. I entered the car lot to meet the proprietor, to view the car I had arranged to see. He wasn't there yet, but instead stood another man, wrapped up in coat, hat and gloves like me. Sharing common ground of standing in the cold, waiting to purchase a car, we quickly began chatting and before long he started to tell me his story. Now we shared a common connection of modern day hunter gatherers, in our car pursuit, but before long the sharing of each of our stories about family and jobs formed other connections. Humans love a good story and we love to find out a bit about each ot

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